Caring For Your Car During Winter

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Caring For Your Car During Winter

2 March 2017
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Winter has its own particular demands on your vehicle. Here are some of the ways that you can care for your vehicle to shield it against the harsh conditions of winter driving.

Protect the Windshield

The first area to look at is the windshield. Changing windshield wipers is a good first step; these will need to be strong to handle the slush that they will need to clear from the car. You could also get a windshield cover that keeps the car's windshield at a consistent temperature while it sits overnight. It also prevents ice from forming on the windshield, which will save you some time each morning when you go out to clear off your car.

Protect the Battery

Battery care is especially important during the winter if you don't want to wake up to a car that won't start. For hybrid cars, you should drive them at least every few days so that the 12 volt battery has time to recharge itself off of your hybrid battery. For a regular car battery, you can often bring it into an auto repair shop for testing to see if it's time to replace it; ideally, do that before winter.

Make Sure Tires and Brakes Are Strong

Tires and brakes can take a beating during the winter. It's best to use tire and car brake service to check up on these systems before winter and replace any components that are weak. As you try to stop your vehicle on snow, you will want to make sure that each component is pulling its weight to keep you safe. When one brake has to compensate for another, or your tires aren't doing their job of providing traction, the whole car suffers. 

Be Kind to Your Engine

Finally, it helps to learn about how your particular engine functions during the winter and dispel any myths of good car care. One big one is the myth that you should allow your car to sit for a while before you take off in the winter. That was true of older cars, but most cars of the past two decades have fuel injection. That means they inject more fuel into the engine when you start up until the engine comes to operating temperature. It could actually cause more wear on your engine to sit for a long time before taking off. So reading your user manual is a good idea so that you can be sure you are treating your car as well as you can.

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