Tips For Using Alternative Fuels And Upgrades That Stock Cars Need

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Tips For Using Alternative Fuels And Upgrades That Stock Cars Need

27 February 2017
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Today, prices of gas have many people considering alternatives like hybrid cars and alternative fuels. Hybrids are costly and need special care, which is why alternative fuels like biodiesel and ethanol are more practical solutions. There are some upgrades needed for stock cars to burn these fuels. Here are some of the things that will help you get your car ready for using alternative fuels:

1. Upgrading Your Engine to Burn E85 Fuels

Engines that burn ethanol, run at higher temperatures that conventional gasoline. This is why E85 is used in some cars, but still may need improvements. To burn an E85 fuel, you will need to have some improvements done for the hotter temperatures, even though a gasoline engine may burn the fuel without doing anything. Contact an auto repair service and talk with them about the recommended improvements that you will need for this type of fuel. Upgrades will help prevent any damage to your engine from using E85.

2. Converting Your Gasoline Engine to An Ethanol 

Gasoline engines need to have some of the parts changed if you want to burn ethanol. Pure ethanol will cause your car to be damaged by the heat. The improvements that will be needed include different lubricants, improved cooling and other minor mechanical adjusts. This is a more extensive conversion to give you a car that can burn almost any combustible fuels. The only fuels you will not be able to use are the bio-diesel products that are used in diesel engines, which use compression to ignite the fuel.

3. Preparing Your Diesel Car to Burn Biodiesel Products

If you have a diesel car, converting it to use bio-diesel and other fuels will help save you at the gas pump. With diesel engines, the problem is the amount of debris that is in the biodiesel products, as well as the higher water content. This means that the diesel engine needs to have a better filtration systems to ensure that the engine does not get damaged. In addition, you may also need to have higher compression for some fuels that are used as biodiesel. The air intake and fuel sensor may also need to be changed to burn biodiesel.

With the right upgrades to your car, you will be able to burn alternative fuels and save at the gas pump. Contact an auto repair service to help with some of the improvements that need to be done before you start burning alternative fuels. For more information, contact a business such as Westside Fender/Body & Refinishing.

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